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Canon Printer Problem with Solution

canon printer widely used and canon is the best company in all over the world, all the product of canon are amazing and quality are also good. But there is some problem with canon printer that may be resolve after you read this article. 


The problem with the solution: 

Problem: My prints are too light, too spotty, or have horizontal lines. 

Solution: You may have a clogged print head, a problem t this may occur if you use an inkjet printer infrequently. Your printer's utility program can clean out the dried ink, and print of cannon printer test page for inspection. The step-by-step instructions on how to do this, which vary by printer. From the Windows 7 Start menu, tap Devices and Printers or Control Panel, and look for your printer's utility app. For some additional things, you can read "Solve Inkjet Printer Problems." 

Problem: My printer says my ink cartridge is empty. I think it's lying. 

Solution: This will be right. Printer out-of-ink messages are notoriously unreliable. You can try various hacks to get around those ink cartridge controls. This tip is amazing and surely helpful and this, tips will work with your printer, but they're worth a try. One tip reveals how to reset ink cartridges for various HP printers. And everything on this page shows how to revive an "out of ink" Epson cartridge. If you're feeling adventurous, then check them out. 

Problem: My wireless printer is too slow. 

Solution: This problem resolve to get the best performance from a network printer, it's hard to beat a wired, Ethernet-cable-to-router connection. Wireless printing may be more convenient and used in many homes and offices, but it has its own limitations. Since you may face  Wi-Fi speeds slow down with distance, you'll want to place your wireless printer as close as possible to the router. Also, make sure your Wi-Fi printer or any wireless print server then it connects to supports the 802error.11n spec, which can rival the performance of 100-Mbps Ethernet. 

Problem: I use remanufactured or refilled ink cartridges, and my prints look awful. 

Solution: We recommend sticking with the manufacturer's ink. Ink is the main factor while using canon printer. The PC World Test Centre has found that some cartridges leave more than 40 percent of their ink unused. The worst offenders, unfortunately, are third-party brands. CANON Printer Support manufacturers want to overcharge shamelessly for ink, but at least you know what you're getting from this article.

If you don't how to remove stuck paper from your Canon Printer, just visit

Post by canonsupport (2017-07-28 06:51)

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