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How to fix the top most common Dell laptops issues?

Dell laptop is one of the most favorite laptops for the users in this very recent times. It provides small, decent battery life, ultra-portable and plenty of power. What else could a user get? It does not end here, it has also some issues with it which should be needed to fix it. I am explaining some of them. 

        Battery life 

To get a little more about the battery, you can simply do two things. First one is that update the BIOS  as Dell has released a fix that achieves up to 25% more life from the battery. The second one is that kindly dim the screen a bit to reduce the strength of the power. 

        Display driver issues 

It can be solved by following these steps- 

1.       You can navigate to the Dell product support website and can download the latest version of graphics drivers. 

2.       Install and click yes to make changes to your laptop and install the new drivers for a wizard. 

3.       Now reboot your laptop and restart it. 


        Fix the webcam 

You can do it by following these steps- 

1.       Press control, alt, left arrow and the home key button on your device. The screen will rotate 90 degrees. 

2.       When you see your webcam turn your laptop onto its side. 

3.       To return it to the normal state, now press ctrl, alt, right arrow and the home key. 


        Fix the audio 

When it cuts out or not working when you wake the computer, a simple driver installation will fix it gradually. 

1.       Right click the windows start button and select the device manager. 

2.       Now highlight the audio device within the window. 

3.       After clicking right now select the update device drivers. Now let the windows to do its operations. 

4.       You can also visit the Dell Product Support website and can manually download the driver. 


        Weak wifi signal 

If there is an issue with your wifi connection, you find that even moving feet away from a router can lose the signal. You can fix t by updating the driver from the Dell website or replace the wifi card. More information can also be gained here by visiting it Dell Tech Support 

        Not charging when connected to the mains 

Following these instructions can solve it- 

1.       Unplug the charger, turn off your system and remove the battery. 

2.       For 15 seconds hold down the laptop power button. 

3.       Boot the laptop and replace the battery. 

4.       Now plug it back to the mains charger and restart the system. 

By visiting this site you Can also get more troubleshooting tips. 

Post by canonsupport (2017-08-03 07:06)

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